Rethinking digital transformation: a four part series

The ‘Rethinking digital transformation’ series provides organisations with a clear path to successful transformation. For expert advice around getting your change programme right from the outset, sign up to the series now.

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Rethinking digital transformation - Step one: Discover

The first phase of a transformation programme is critical to its success

Evidence shows that successful transformation of public services can be challenging. But in a context of diminishing budgets and rising demand, standing still is not an option.

In this first part of Agilisys’ latest series of transformation insights, we look at how to ensure the success of your programme from the outset. Get it right and your organisation will be able to set clear goals and monitor progress effectively throughout the programme. Get it wrong and you may end up with disorganised workflows, confused stakeholders, or focusing your efforts in the wrong direction.

Download the article to learn why the Discover phase is so critical to your project, what things you should focus on, an example methodology to guide your thinking, all underpinned by Agilisys’ knowledge and expertise from previous successful transformation programmes.