Where is your organisation on its digital transformation?

Our latest research provides public sector leaders with a unique opportunity to benchmark their organisation against the digital nation.

The State of the Digital Nation

How do we ensure eveyone has the skills and access they need to unlock the potential of digital technlogy?

Agilisys, in association with Digital by Default News, explore this challenge in The State of the Digital Nation. Based on a survey of over 400 public and private organisations, the report gauges where the nation is on its digital transformation journey.

Enabling technologies pave the way for digital change, but it is the people who are the real drivers of digital transformation. So, what happens when your people, be that your workforce or your residents, are slowing the pace of change because they haven't got the skills needed to drive digital transformation.

The report is centred around the human role in digital transformation and covers three themes integral to he delivery of a successful transformation: the drivers for change; digital access and literacy; digital skills and leadership. It also aims to help organisations assess where they are on their digital journey and sets out steps to embed a digital culture.